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What are nano bricks?

Nano bricks are tiny building blocks, like Lego, but a lot smaller. The smallest block is only 4mm x 4mm x 5mm. This allows us to create highly detailed designs in a small size. There are many brands of nano bricks in the market, all based on the same types of brick sizes. The most well known is nanoblock.


How do we start?

Just drop us an email with information on what you want us to design (do include some photos), expected order quantity and deadline for delivery. We will evaluate those information to determine feasibility and provide you with an estimated cost. After that, if you decide to proceed, we will come out with the actual design for your review, and when confirmed, we can give you an accurate cost based on that final design.


What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces. If you need less than that, we would have to evaluate on a case to case basis, and the cost would be significantly higher, as we are manufacturing in a factory mass production line. 


What can we customise?

When we manufacture for you, each nano brick set comes with the bricks and printed instruction sheet packed in either polybag or box packaging. The artwork on the cover of the polybag packaging or the sticker on top of the box packaging can be fully customised by client to show company logo, etc. If your nano brick set needs to include a sticker of your logo, we can do that too!


How long does it take?

Usually, the manufacturing lead time is about 60 days. This can vary depending on how big your order is and the capacity of the factory at any given time.


How much will it cost?

We will only be able to give you a cost estimate after we know what it is that you want us to design and the order quantity.


Can you really design anything in nano brick form?

In theory, pretty much anything can be built using blocks, given enough time and blocks. However, for corporate projects, there are likely limitations due to cost factors. Clients usually go with designs that use less than 250 bricks, while the majority are below 150 bricks. With this limit on the number of bricks available to design with, some designs will work well, but some may not, especially those highly detailed designs with a lot of curved or rounded surface. We will advise you accordingly based on your budget and preference.

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